WhatsApp will soon enable users to hide their IP address on calls

Given the world of the internet and online platforms, privacy and security are the major concerns of users. According to some recent pieces of information, the messaging app WhatsApp is about to add another feature that will improve the privacy of its users. Reportedly, the app will soon receive a feature that will enable users to hide their IP address while on calls.

Whenever a device gets connected to the internet, it gets an IP address in the form of numbers. Tracking IP addresses enables hackers to trace the location and online activities of users. Well, the upcoming feature by WhatsApp will significantly improve the privacy of users since hackers won’t have access to IP addresses.

WhatsApp implemented a feature that routes all calls via the servers of the app. Thus, your IP address cannot be seen by the party on the other end of a call. On the other hand, group calls are already routed via the app’s servers. In addition to this, all calls are end-to-end encrypted. One thing to consider here is that the quality of calls might be impacted due to routing.

How to enable the feature?

In order to turn on the feature, go to Settings and click on Privacy. Select Advanced and tap on the option Protect IP address in calls on or off. This is quite a nice addition for users who prefer privacy over other things. When on a WhatsApp call, the option to hide one’s IP address improves the security of users’ online interactions for both personal and professional use.

One thing to remember here is that although the new feature is quite a good approach by the company, it is not a foolproof solution. Be cautious with your online interactions. The majority of the most recent updates to Meta-owned apps are privacy-related. Recently, WhatsApp has been observed working on email verification; however, the service is also planning to display advertisements to its users. Instagram also wants to allow users to disable read receipts for direct messages in an effort to further emphasize privacy.

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