WhatsApp will make it easier to locate your old messages

At some point or another, we need to search for a certain message we sent days or weeks ago. It is kind of difficult to locate the message and sometimes it becomes a hell of a task to find the exact message you are looking for on WhatsApp. Well, it is now going to become easier with a future update to the app. Reportedly, the company is testing a new one that will enable users to locate the old messages by date.

Currently, the new feature is being tested for web clients. Given the fact that the feature is currently in the testing stage, the information must be taken with caution. It might be modified or removed at all. Notably, the feature is rolling out to beat testers with the WhatsApp web version 2.2348.50. Currently, there are no details on when the new feature will make its way to the stable version of the app.

In a conversation or chat, users can search the messages. With the new feature, a calendar appears that helps search the message. Clicking on the specific date will open the chat for that specific day. Such an advancement removes the trouble of scrolling messages. Well, if it makes it to the stable version of the app then it will be a pretty nice addition to the features list of WhatsApp.

Although the feature is currently being tested by the company on the web, we anticipate seeing it come to mobile devices as well. There may not be much time to wait for it to become public, as it appears to be in a stable stage already….

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