WhatsApp will allow Android users to send HD videos

WhatsApp will now let its users send HD videos along with HD photos. This latest feature is already in the process of rolling out and should be available within a few days. This will be available with the latest update available for the app.

WhatsApp has been working on making picture and video quality better for a while now. In early June, HD photo functionality was added to the messaging app, which is owned by Meta. The feature was made available to the public last week on Android and iOS following several months of beta testing.

At that time, Meta said that it would shortly add support for WhatsApp HD video sending. The feature is now available, as promised. The process is the same as for photographs. When sending a video over WhatsApp, an HD button will be visible once it is accessible in the top toolbar. By using this button, a higher-quality, less-compressed version of the video will be transmitted. An HD label will also be visible to the recipient on the video.

The latest WhatsApp update will allow you to send HD videos

Some of us at Android Headlines have access to this capability. We can see that WhatsApp only allows you to send videos with a maximum resolution of 1280 x 720. The program will reduce your video’s resolution to 720p if it is higher. Videos shared using WhatsApp are 480p-resolution by default. Before sending videos, you must always choose the HD option. You cannot set this as the default behavior in Meta.

You may always send photographs and movies as documents if you wish to share them in their entirety over WhatsApp. Documents are not compressed by the program. However, media files are automatically compressed to lessen the load on servers. Users can reduce their usage of the internet and save up space on their devices by compressing data. Larger file sizes and more data are used when transmitting higher-quality material over the internet.

WhatsApp displays the file size for each quality, speaking of size. Before transmitting it, you can compare the size of the compressed file to that of the HD quality. This feature is pretty useful for you if you use this platform to communicate, and share pictures and videos with friends and family.