WhatsApp Web Affecting IT Workers Performance—Study reveals

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Social media especially Facebook has been banned in many IT and services organizations around the globe, HR professionals have realized the stickiness of social media and implemented the changes that are good for their organization. Therefore, you can see many organizations have blocked access to popular social media websites and apps in order to keep their workers away from dumping their work time into their social relations.

Despite many restrictions, there are a vast majority of companies that do not specifically put restrictions on their employees or monitor them properly. There comes the misuse of permissions which could affect the work performance and eventually the performance of the organization.

Research Snipers has conducted a small study comprising of IT professionals from countries including India, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and UAE. The data collected from 1628 employees working in various IT companies in those countries.

The study reveals that;

69% of workers aged between 18 to 30 use WhatsApp web during their work hours

33% of workers aged between 35 to 60 use WhatsApp web during their work hours

65% of workers believe that using WhatsApp web affect their work performance

80% of workers have used WhatsApp once or twice in a week

75% of workers believe that using WhatsApp web is to avoid mobile phone usage

54% of workers believe that they have to spend more time completing tasks because of WhatsApp usage

Data Acquired From a Sample of 1628 IT workers

The study reveals that young people in IT sector tend to use more WhatsApp web than the older ones, The study also reveals that 65% of workers believe that using WhatsApp Web during the work hours affects performance and 75% of workers prefer to use WhatsApp web in order to reduce mobile usage which could be seen by anyone. 54% of the workers said they have to spend more time completing the tasks if you use WhatsApp during the work hours.

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