WhatsApp now supports passkeys for secure password-free logins

According to recent information, passkey support is now available on the Android version of WhatsApp. It can be used in place of two-factor authentication. Passkeys are a passwordless and secure method of logging into apps and websites. Moreover, just last week, Google announced support for passkeys.

Passkey support is now available on the stable Android app

The company has now started rolling out passkey support to the stable version of its Android app. The new feature is rolling out in gradual phases. According to Meta, the complete rollout of the passkeys feature might take a few weeks or months. Currently, the feature is not supported on the iOS version of the app. The passkey feature eliminates the requirement of OTP (One-Time passwords) and passwords. With passkeys, there is no fear of losing passwords. Overall, they are quite capable of improving security across platforms.

Differences between passwords and passkeys

Passkeys are a safe and trouble-free method for logging into apps or websites. Passkeys rely on the authentication system of the user’s device, which in turn authenticates a login attempt. Two different keys are available with passkeys one of them is stored on the device, while the other is stored on the app or web. On logging in, the user must verify the device’s fingerprint reader. Once the date matches, the user is logged in.

You might be wondering what will happen to passkeys if a user loses or buys a new device. Well, several services have support for re-authentication to a new device. It is done through a mobile phone number or email. Furthermore, password managers like Dashlane, Google Password Manager, and 1Passowrd can be used to store passwords across devices. It will help users log in by using the other device in case they lose one of their devices. Moreover, a hardware security key can also be used to store your passkeys.

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