WhatsApp New Youtube Video Playback Feature Rolling Out Soon

whatsapp youtube

WhatsApp adding a new feature to it, generally when you use WhatsApp you have to tap on the link provided in the messages window and it would take you to another window which will playback the video there.

But now, WhatsApp is testing the newer update for IOS users which will support in-app Youtube video playback.

As the feature is being tested, discovered by wabetainfo and reported by NDTV, is currently not available for the general public. The feature allows users to play Youtube videos inside the WhatsApp Messenger screen, users can also control the size of the window either watch it in a small size or full-screen window, they will also be able to comment or continue chat while placing the video on the side just like Youtube app.

It is worth mentioning that the video playback stops when you switch between chats, the feature would only be available to iPhone 6 or later models, might be due to screen resolution and size. Currently, the feature is only spotted on IOS hence, it cannot be seen on Android at the moment, it might take a little while after being tested to make its way to other platforms including Android.

The company is facing some issues in implementing the new feature, but users can expect it to be rolling out soon, it would allow more control over the videos while remaining on the screen and continue chat.

Amazon is expected to join the messaging app market soon, as the company currently working on new messaging app called “Anytime“. The app is expected to come with enhanced all-in-one features.