WhatsApp is preparing numerical thumbnails for media selections

Usually on WhatsApp while sharing several files users have to make a selection with the help of a checkbox. The company is working on a new update that will replace the checkbox. Reportedly, WhatsApp is going to introduce numbers for media selection. In this way, users will have better control over sharing files. They will be able to adjust and arrange the files in accordance with a specific order. Furthermore, the thumbnail’s exposure has also been slightly increased in the new update to improve visibility.

Numbered thumbnails will simplify media selections

Among the messaging apps, WhatsApp is the most popular with almost 2 billion users. The company has added various features to the app. As of now, the company is now adding new features to the app to present users with a good user experience. presently, users can share 100 images and videos simultaneously. Previously, it was limited to only 30 files.

Media selection on WhatsApp is marked by checkmarks. On the top of the screen, a counter notifies about the number of files selected. On the other hand, the chosen files are presented in order of selection at the bottom with just 7 thumbnails. It makes it complicated to keep track of the order of media selection. Users are required to swipe files repeatedly or maintain a mental sequence. However, things will change with the upcoming numbered thumbnail feature. It will help to ensure a better user experience.

The feature was spotted in the latest beta build

The numbered thumbnails feature is available in the WhatsApp beta version for Android. Besides this feature, the company is also working on several other features like redesigned emoji keyboard and circular video messages. Beta users can get early access to the upcoming features. if you wish to gain early access to the upcoming features, you can enroll in the beta program of WhatsApp.