WhatsApp is making it easier to add people in group chats


You probably participate in a few group chats if you use WhatsApp frequently. Although inviting new members to your group is a fairly simple process, apps are all about making simple chores even simpler. It’s possible that WhatsApp is developing a banner that will make inviting individuals to a group chat simpler.

This is a small UI tweak, but it might just simplify the procedure a little. Additionally, it will save you from having to look around for the choice if you’re new to WhatsApp. Currently, to add users to a group chat, you must open the three-dot menu and select the Add option at the UI’s top. It’s already convenient although WhatsApp wants to make it much more.

WhatsApp will make it more convenient to add people in Group chats

This feature is still in testing phase so we can’t really predict how long will it take to come to the app. To encourage you to invite more people to your group, WhatsApp may display a banner over your group chat, as noticed by WABetaInfo (via Android Police).

Add participants” will appear in the banner. As you might expect, tapping on it will take you to your list of contacts where you can add them. It appears to be a persistent banner that won’t disappear. Fortunately, there is a small “X” on the banner’s side that will remove it.

Although this isn’t the biggest UI adjustment, it might be helpful to users who are unfamiliar with the app. The tiny details are frequently what improve an app’s usability. The elements that make the experience easier to use and more straightforward. You’ll like the simplicity with which you may add people to your groups if you frequently use WhatsApp.