WhatsApp Channels get support for message editing


In September, WhatsApp debuted the Channels feature. It is a new feature that keeps users updated on particular topics. Reportedly, the company has added a new feature to WhatsApp Channels. Notably, users can now edit their posts in Channels thus having more control over their posts.

All the social media and messaging platforms enable message editing. However, the feature was unavailable to Channels. But now the company is finally rolling it out. With the new update, users can now edit messages shared in Channels. As reported by Android Police, the messages posted on Channels can be edited for up to 30 days. Once a message has been edited, it showcases an indicator next to its timestamp that features the details of when the message was edited.

How can messages be edited in Channels?

Well, it is a simple process on Android. Just hold the message in the Channel that you wish to edit. Select ‘Edit’ from the three-dot menu. Once you are done with editing, click on the checkmark. The procedure is comparable to using a browser app. When you hover over a message that you want to change, a downward-facing caret will appear. The “Edit” option is located in the drop-down menu.

There are certain limitations to this feature

Well, a user must consider that edited messages won’t show as a notification to users that the message was edited. Users who follow a channel won’t be informed when a message is edited by an account. It makes sure that users’ notifications are not interfered with by modified messages. However, it does not ensure that users will be made aware of any changes to the previously communicated information. Furthermore, the feature is only available with text messages. It is not functional with other types of media, including photos, videos, and others.

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