West Indies to Play Twenty20 Series for Next Five Years in Pakistan

Najam Sethi—Chairman PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) informed on Saturday that the West Indies cricket team would be visiting Pakistan consecutively for five years back to back to play a three-match Twenty20 series.

An agreement has been signed between the Pakistan Cricket Board and Cricket West Indies (CWI).

While talking to a press conference, Chairman PCB said that both the teams would be playing two T20 series every year for the next five years to come, one in Pakistan and the other in the United States (US). The series dates would be scheduled as per the availability of the dates and venues.

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As per the agreement, the first series is to be held in Pakistan by the end of March 2018. The matches would be played on 29th March, 31st March and 1st April as Sethi informed. The venue of the matches has not yet been finalized.

There is certain news around about a T20 series between Pakistan and West Indies in November. However, Sethi remarked that it seems impossible now pertaining to the weather conditions of Lahore.

Sethi further mentioned that a bilateral series would be played between the two teams in Pakistan and later a third team would be joining them in the United States.

The third joining team has not been decided yet, but it would be a different team every year as per the hints given by the Chairman PCB.

He further mentioned that there would not be a day-in-day-out tour for one or two matches. Instead, a five-year contract has been signed with the West Indies cricket board. This is an independent arrangement from the Future Tour Programs (FTPs) which would be arranged by the International Cricket Board (ICC) for the month of December or January.

The series held in the United States would be a joint venture whereas the one in Pakistan would solely be hosted by the country.

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