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Weight of School Bags to be Less Than 15percent of the Student Weight

Weight of School Bags

The elementary and secondary education department has taken the decision that the weight of the schoolbags would not be more than 15percent of the weight of the student.

The decision is part of the suggested Khyber Pakhtunkhwa School Bags Act, 2019, composed by the department.

The suggested law would be placed in front of the provincial cabinet for the approval to be followed by presenting in the provincial assembly.

A bench of the Peshawar High Court lead by Justice Qaiser Rasheed had asked the education department this summer for legislating on the weight of the schoolbag before the end of summer vacation.

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The suggested law is for all the educational institutions, which include the private, autonomous, secondary and semi-autonomous schools and others functioning in the province.

The government would be de-recognizing the schools identified as the ones breaking the law.

As per the suggested new rulings, every headmaster or principal would be channelizing the study scheme, re-introduce the conventional metal and wooden slate for rough work, while every teacher would inform the students up to the 8th standard in advance about the books and notebooks that are to be brought to the school on any particular day.

The independent monitoring unit and directorate of education would make sure that the legislation is fully complied with the law by the government schools, while the private schools of the regulatory authority would make the privately-owned educational institution follow the law.

The weight of the school bag has been fixed keeping in consideration the international standards.

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