Weekly SPI Witnessed a Dip of 0.69% to Reach the Lowest Inflation of 2020

As the last week of 2020 closes, the weekly SPI witnessed a dip of 0.69% to reach the lowest inflation rate of the year, i.e. 6.13% in Pakistan.

As the week closes, the weekly Sensitive Price Index (SPI) showed a dip of 0.69% till January 1, 2021. The current level of inflation is now standing at 6.13% in Pakistan.

According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), the inflation rate of 6.13% is the lowest of all times for the period of 2020.

The usual 51 items were the key measures of inflation during the week ended. 15 of these items witnessed an increase in prices, 10 witnessed a dip, while the remaining 15 witnessed no change.

The items witnessing a dip included:

  • Onions with a price dip of up to 11%
  • Potatoes a dip of 9%
  • Chicken witnessed a dip of up to 9%
  • Tomatoes with a dip of 4.5%

As per the source, the items with an increment included; sugar, mash pulse, eggs, edible oil, and flour.

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