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Wedding Timings Changed in Islamabad

We all know how weddings in Sindh start when weddings in Punjab end. There have been restrictions put on wedding timings all over Pakistan, but this time new wedding rules and regulations have been announced for Islamabad wedding halls and marquees.

The notice is issued in accordance with the section 3,4,5 of the Marriage Functions Prohibition Of Ostentatious Displays And Wasteful Expenses Ordinance 2000 and it is in line with the judgment of Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan.

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Now as per the notice locals are asked to follow the prescribed timings for festivities and end them till 10 p.m. Also to control the large of amount of food and refreshments getting wasted, they are restricted to ‘One Dish’ only. Furthermore, firecrackers and fireworks are prohibited totally and any other firearms, explosives and any kind of firing are not allowed.

On 3rd January 2018, this notice was issued and those who don’t follow the rules and regulations made would have to face strict action.

Wedding, functions, and festivities are part of every culture but there are rules attached to each event and occasion that must be followed. True it is a one-day special event for the bride and the groom but why not start it in a timely manner and end it at a reasonable time as well. Plan things accordingly so that your big day doesn’t become a headache for others.

Now as for prohibiting firearms and explosive, it is a good initiative. In past, people have got injured and even died because of these stray bullets. Again why not get married or conduct any event in a decent manner?

Also, as the news is related to wedding halls, it is pertinent to mention that in Lahore 151 marriage halls are declared illegal. The owners of these marriage halls are clearly told to close their businesses till January 31. So 30 days deadline has been given to them. Moreover, those citizens who have booked these marriage halls are asked to look for alternate options.