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Wedding Halls in Karachi Resume Bookings After Lockdown Ends

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Wedding halls in Karachi have resumed the booking activities after the lockdown has ended in the city.

A manager told media that they are strictly abiding with the SOPs that the government has provided and would not be allowing more than 200 people in a hall that previously used to host at least 600 people before the imposition of lockdown.

A table would be set and arranged for accomodating 6 people instead of 12. The manager further said that social distancing would be practiced strictly.

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Karachi, like many other parts of the nation, went into lockdown in March after there was an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases throughout the country. The lockdown ended on the 10th of August.

Coronavirus has till data claimed 2,317 lives in the province of Sindh only.

The caterers have also started to take food orders. According to one of the caterers that they are pleased with the decision of the government of placing an end to the lockdown and that they have started to take orders for the wedding season in November and December.

On the other hand, People’s Square in Karachi has been opened for the public. The site is a recreational one and has been constructed by the Sindh government near the Pakistan Chowk of Karachi.

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