Wedding Halls in Hyderabad Gets Extension for Night Time Events

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The wedding halls in Hyderabad have been granted an extension for 11 days to organize the night-time events until 10 p.m., as the Commissioner of the city-Muhammad Abbass Baloch withdrew the former notice that only granted permission to the day-time events until 3:30 p.m. from Tuesday onwards.

As per the shared details, Baloch, who was approached by a delegation of the marriage halls association, revoked the earlier decision and extended the deadline for implementation of the restriction until December 13.

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In his letters to the Hyderabad DIG, SSP, and deputy commissioner, he mentioned that the extension was being granted in view of the interest of those who had already booked wedding halls for events.

However, the All-Hyderabad Marriage Halls and Lawns Owners Association held a sit-in protest outside the Shahbaz Building, the regional bureaucracy’s headquarters in Hyderabad, on Wednesday and declined the 11-day extension.

They demanded that the regulations for night-time events under strict adherence to standard operating procedures, as being practiced in Karachi, should be applied in Hyderabad as well.

The association ended the sit-in after over three hours and held negotiations with DC Fuad Ghaffar Soomro.

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