Wedding hall Owners Asks for Tax Exemption as Business Activities Remain Suspended

Wedding Hall

The owners of the wedding halls are asking the government to at least exempt their taxes as their business has been closed for the past four months.

They also asked the government to allow them to resume their business under strict SOPs. Sardar Khalid Ayub President of All Pakistan Marriage Hall Industry asked the government that why are they shutting down wedding halls and restaurants in such crucial times.

Sardar Khan Ayub said that the government must exempt the taxes of the marriage hall for the next three years as they won’t be able to pay their taxes. If the marriage halls will be allowed to continue their businesses then they will follow all SOPs and will maintain social distancing.

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According to him, this industry has been murdered violently.  All the functions were canceled by the DCs without any warning. He wants to know, why the Prime Minister determined in obstructing the progress of our country. Ayub justifies that the wedding halls in most of the countries are open.

He further added that the chief justice should also take notice for the parties which are being held by the ministers at their homes.

People working for the marriage halls are coming out on the streets as their lives have been hindered a lot with this close-down.

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