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We Could be Buying Products Containing Pork

Eating pork is not permitted in Islam. It is one of those items that are labelled as Haram in the religion. It is not even good to eat owing to which the people in West have reduced the intake of pork in diets. Superstores in Pakistan seems not least bit bothered about the kind of imported goods they are selling in their stores. Some imported products sold in these supermarts sell items that contain pork as an ingredient.

Imported products are mostly liked and much desired by all the people which means the sale of such products is also very high.

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When one of the customers noticed the unlawful ingredient in some of the products the person immediately took notice of it and asked the store manager to remove it but to his surprise the next time the customer visited the other branch of the supermart located in DHA the product was still there and it was even restocked.

Through the social media platforms now the warning is being spread to more people warning them not to buy such products. Punjab Food Authority has been requested to look into the matter and to take some action in this case. People are advised to check the ingredients properly before they buy any imported food product.

In Pakistan, the consumption of pork is zero, so the superstores need to check the products before displaying them on shelves for selling in order to avoid any inconvenience both for the customers and themselves.

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