WCD introduces Emerging Women Entrepreneurs Week in Islamabad

Emerging Women

First ever Emerging Women Entrepreneurs’ Week (EWEW) is being conducted by Women Can Do (WCD) in Islamabad. It will be held from August 6th to August 10th 2018 at National Incubation Centre (NIC). Organized by Shaoor Foundation the program is basically for Education and Awareness (SFEA).

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The aim of the program is to bring together 50 women leaders from all the provinces of Pakistan. They will be mentored at National Incubation Centre for advanced development.

50 women-led startups will be selected from Public women universities and Madrasahs. The startups can have different ideas from focusing on tech problems to health, social, textile issues etc.

Project Manager of WCD Ammara Kazi said, “We live in a world where the entrepreneurial attitude is so incredibly different than what a generation ago was taught to start a business.”

Director of SFEA Syed Ali Hameed, said, “It means the power is shifting, in all the right directions, and in a pretty exciting way, I think it is on us, the women leaders in the world right now, and on male counterparts, to really inspire, educate, and lift up women through organizations so that we are in a world where having women on executive committees of companies and the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies is absolutely the norm.”

The project is divided into two strategies. One is to train and mentor the students of women universities. Guide them on how to become successful entrepreneurs and secondly to support for policy and financial services organizations to provide more opportunities to the women entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

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