Waze app Now Plays Apple Music

After years of waiting, Waze has finally introduced Apple Music support on iPhones, which lets you control your music through the navigation app’s built-in audio player.

Apple Music is now available directly in Waze, owned by Google, making it easier and more secure for users on the go to access the Apple Music catalog from within the Waze app on iOS. This integration means that once you authorize Apple Music on Waze, you will be able to: access the US manufacturer’s music streaming service directly from Waze’s audio player during your car journeys. So Apple Music is finally joining a host of other audio streaming services that were already available on Waze.

The app first rolled out and then added support for Spotify in 2017 Pandora, TuneIn, and Deezer. In addition to other popular music services such as amazon music, YouTube Music in 2019 and iHeartRadio Waze also supports a number of the dedicated podcasts, news, and audiobook apps, such as Audible, NPR One, and Stitcher Apple is finally catching up with its competitors.

How do you use Apple Music on Waze?

If you want to use Apple Music on your Waze app, just tap the music note icon on the home screen† Apple Music should now appear as an option if your phone is signed in to an Apple Music account. If not, you can do the following:

  • Open Waze and select “My Waze” in the bottom left, then select the gear icon in the top left to open the settings
  • Scroll down and select Audio Player
  • Then select the music streaming service to open a simplified menu directly in Waze.

From now, all Apple Music content, including playlists and radio stations, can be accessed directly from Waze’s audio player In recent months, Apple has integrated its music streaming service with several other services and products, including the PlayStation 5 late last year.