Ways to Avoid Workplace Depression

Workplace Depression

On Saturday, a seminar was held at the FAST National University in the federal capital for an awareness of the growing psychiatric and stress problems in our society.

The seminar entitled “Workplace Depression” emphasized to create a buddy support system in order to advance the social restrictions and issues.

Some of the most prominent health experts and social activist people addressed the seminar including MPA Momina Waheed, the chairperson of CM inspection team Punjab,
MPA Asia Amjad, Chairperson of the higher secondary education Punjab, Dr. Rizwan Taj, Dr. Abdus Satar Danish, Dr. Ehsen Naveed, Tauseeq Haider, Nabiha Fida.

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The addressers advised the audience that by sharing the problems with others can help avoid depression at the workplace. The idea of a buddy support system which they termed as a game changer in the life of the person facing psychological issue was appreciated by all.

According to human psychology, if an employee gets depressed it not only affects his/her happiness or productivity but also the mood of the people working around gets affected.

Tauseeq Haider, a well-known speaker while answering the questions differentiated loneliness and being alone separately and also the told the audience the importance of defining them separately. He says that if you stay in touch with others it gets easier to share the issues and thoughts with buddies.

Senior health expert, Saleem explained the process of different point of views. According to him we need to understand that people are not wrong, they are just different. It is we who need to understand while judging them.

He also said, that our life could entirely be changed when we are done with it once and for all. Dr. Rizwan Taj said treatments do exist for different problems including short term and long-term treatments.

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