Water Flow increases in all the Rivers in Pakistan

The growing water scarcity problem in Pakistan is on one side which should be addressed with long-term planning but a recent monsoon spells across the country has cushioned dead levels of the rivers.

The water flow has been increased in all major rivers of Pakistan, the current level recorded has reached 416,900 in all major rivers across Pakistan. The Indus River Authority (IRSA) said the water inflow in River Indus near Tarbela jumped to 227,300 cusecs as compared the outflow of 140,000 cusecs.

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Meanwhile, inflow in River Kabul has surged to 62,700 cusecs and at Marala it was recorded at 55,400 cusecs.

Indus River Authority has released 306,100 cusecs of water from different rim stations when water inflow surged to 416,900 cusecs—App reported.

The water level recorded in Indus River at Tarbela Dam was 1434.75 feet higher 48.75 feet than its marked dead level. Similarly, the water level in Jhelum River at Mangla Dam was recorded 1126.75 feet which was higher 86.25 feet than its dead level.

The authority released water was recorded at 182,100 cusecs at Kalabagh, 176,800 cusecs at Taunsa and 30,100 cusecs at Sukkur.

The authority said they have also released 62,700 cusecs of water from Kabul River at Nowshera, as well as 55,400 cusecs from Chenab River at Marala station.

The authority said few more monsoon spells will help the rivers and dams to reach their working capacity and help in containing more water for future use.

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