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Water Crisis In Outskirts Of Peshawar Due To Closure Of Bara River Canal

The unforeseen closure of Bara River canal by inhabitants of Khyber Agency has created issues for villagers living on outskirts of Peshawar. Water crisis due to this closure is at its peak.

 According to Masho Khel Union Council Nazim Amjad nine villages used to receive 26 cusecs of water from this canal each day. These nine villages of Tapa Momand include Masho Khel, Sheikhan, Mushterzai, Suliman Khel, Shahab Khel, Garhi Malik Khel, Masho Gagar.

Drinking is the primary use of water obtained from the river but it is also used for irrigation purposes and household chores.

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As per Amjad people drink from river water as it’s healthy. It was replaced to a certain extent by tap water, as tap water was more easily available. Tube wells are another source of water for the villagers but the wells have become useless due to ever-growing load shedding. Therefore the only option for people was to obtain water from the river.

It was in 1980 that a dam was constructed on Bara River in Khyber Agency. Most of river was diverted due to this dam from Peshawar but 26 cusecs was left for some villages. Sometimes few tribesmen stop supply of water and use it for irrigation purposes, especially during hot summer months.

Now the canal is closed that supply water to these villages and Mr Amjad along with the people of those villages demand authorities to reopen canal which has been closed without any legal means or reasons.