Water Crisis in Karachi Worsened

The water crisis in the City of Light, Karachi has worsened. Presently it is facing a 700MGD water shortage and its requirement is 1,100 million gallons of water. There are two water sources in Karachi one is Hub Dam and the other is Keenjhar Lake. Though Hub Dam supplies 100MGD of water, due to lack of rain the dam is completely empty for the last 3 years. The citizens of Karachi solely depend on Keenjhar Lake for the supply of water. It is distributed through the Dhabeji pumping station. The station supplies 450MGD of water but by the time it reaches Karachi city just 400MGD of water is left. The rest is lost or stolen.

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The sentiments amongst the Karachi citizens is that the government is not serious in resolving the issue. The government is having no projects to control this growing problem. The K-IV project that can supply around 260MGD of water will take over two years to complete. The project started back in 2007 but has been delayed for almost 21 times. Sources claim that the project will take another 4 years to complete.

The situation is such that the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) local workers have started to misuse the situation and distribute the water unfairly. Thus in some areas of Karachi water is supplied beyond the need while others don’t receive any water for days.

KWSB official Asadullah Khan said, “Dhabeji Pumping Station is currently the only water lifeline of Karachi.”

Adding, “We will try to eliminate water crisis as soon as possible. That’s the reason the system of supplying water on alternate days has been introduced.”

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