WatchOS 10 Battery Drain Problem Surfaces After An Update

The new function update for the Apple Watch has been available for a few days now. It is now clear that many users have problems with battery life with watchOS 10 – the watches run out of power far too quickly.

Losing Power In a Few Hours

This is what frustrated Apple Watch owners reported after carrying out the update. Threads reporting on problems and possible solutions have long been formed in the relevant Apple forums and on Reddit.

According to initial findings, all models that are still supported by watchOS 10 are affected, with older watches sometimes losing their power in a few hours, which otherwise lasted at least the whole day.

Since Apple introduced, among other things, widgets and the so-called Smart Stacks with watchOS 10, many users fear that their battery life, which has suddenly been reduced by half, could be linked to these innovations.

Bug or background activity

It is assumed that the watch now has more background activities running that cost too much battery life. There could also be a bug and the devices could quickly be drained.

Another source of error could be found in the update itself. During major updates, many individual sections are changed and re-indexing is carried out. This could – at least according to a broad thesis – lead to the Apple Watch initially reorganizing itself after the update and requiring a correspondingly higher CPU performance. This would also lead to higher power consumption.

Normal problems?

Of course, it is also discussed whether the short running times are more related to the fact that users simply play around with their watch more after the update because they want to try out all the innovations or have not yet gotten used to the new or changed operating method.

This cannot be ruled out. It is currently not known whether the problem was already addressed with the first update for watchOS 10. The reports of runtime problems have not subsided, at least so far.

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