Watch: Palestinians Perform Arab Folk Dance Right In Front of Israeli Snipers

Courage is the best word that describes the Palestinians who are fighting for their land against Israelis. Palestinians courageously performed Arab folk dance, Dabke, in front of the Israeli Snipers.

The dance marked three months of their protest campaign ‘Great March of Return’ the goal of which is to fight for their return to their homes in Israel.

The dance was performed at Gaza-Israel border where the group could have been killed by tear gas or Israeli snipers. But they still bravely & peacefully registered their demands to Israel and the rest of the world through arts and dance.

In order to protect themselves from tear gas shelling, some of the dancers wore Keffiyeh scarves. The scarves were inspired by late Palestinian resistance leader Yasser Arafat. Even though there was danger in performing a dance at that specific location, the smoke, the chaos, the fear nothing stopped those brave individuals.

Since the campaign has started 131 Palestinians have been murdered and over 14,000 injured as per the Palestine Ministry of Health.

“Palestinians dancing dabkeh, the Arab folk dance, in front of Israeli snipers in Gaza. Palestinian dabkeh jumps may have origins in Canaanite fertility used to scare away evil forces and protect security and growth.”

“Enjoy watching this Palestinian folk dance, , in front of Israeli Snipers, during the last Friday’s protests of

In the midst of war, killings, terror, and violence, this video is hope. It shows that you can kill the people, terrorize them, try to remove hope from them but they will still live. And they will find happiness even when the light gets dimmer and darkness takes over. They will not surrender to the atrocities, they will keep on fighting with courage.

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