Watch OnePlus 5T Promo Video—Speed Challenge Smashes Other Phones

OnePlus 5T was launched in November last year, the phone also broke the previous launch day sales records in just 6 hours. Now OnePlus 5T promo video is setting another trend in the market by introducing a comparative speed challenge with other popular flagships in the market. OnePlus is also ready to launch new device OnePlus 6 in June according to CEO.

OnePlus 5T specifications are not discussed in the promo though, it only focuses on the speed of the device.

However, OnePlus is quite notorious due to its controversial promo campaigns, previously OnePlus launched a campaign in which OnePlus 2 (2016) was promoted as 2017 flagship killer. The new promo campaign is more or less similar to the previous one where the phone OnePlus 5T beats everyone in the speed and smashes them to the ground.

The promo compares the OnePlus 5T device with other popular smartphones in the market including iPhone X, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8. The challenge compares the unlocking speed, taking a picture, playing a music track on the devices simultaneously and guess what?

OnePlus 5T is the winner and rest of the all are losers in the game, and the one loses is slammed into the ground. The advertisement theme is not new, Samsung is quite popular in competition poking rather than focusing on the product quality.

Watch the video yourself and leave the comment below; what you think about this advertisement, what could have done better in this advertisement or anything else.