Watch – Massive SinkHole Emerges on Lahore Mall Road after Heavy Rain

We pray for rain for months and then we pray for it to stop just as it starts raining. Reason being the terrible condition of roads as soon as it starts to rain. Yesterday most cities in Punjab experienced heavy rainfall which was a blessing for some and a curse for others.

The capital city of Punjab, Lahore was badly affected by the rainfall yesterday. Roads were flooded, cars stuck and sinkholes started emerging in a matter of minutes.

A road in Lahore, in front of the General Post Office located on Mall Road, was terribly damaged by the heavy rain and two sinkholes emerged. Many people witnessed this emergence as they were on the road when it happened.

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A video of the sinkhole on Lahore Mall Road has gone viral over the internet.

Look at the video

Water fall spotted in Paris aka Lahore

Posted by on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Two sinkholes are shown in this video which is sometimes witnessed after an earthquake. Thankfully no deaths were reported in the area but in other areas, 6 people died due to the rainfall in Lahore.

Flights were also affected due to the heavy rainfall. At least four international flights that were scheduled to land at the Allama Iqbal International Airport were delayed and a flight departed from Dammam was diverted to Multan.

According to the Met office, the downpour will continue for a day. Rain emergency has been declared in Lahore by WASA.

“Niagara Falls in Lahore instead of Paris “surely the sinkhole is created by GHQ to sabotage PMLNs chances in upcoming election. In fact most loyal supporters should jump in and investigate if the sink hole leads to a tunnel leading all the way to Pindi.”

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