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Warning – Stop Buying Drinks from Local Pakistani Shops

PFA recently declared 9000 energy drinks unsafe for human consumption. The quality of energy drinks sold in Pakistan is extremely dangerous for human health.

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I recently came across a tweet displaying how soft drinks are made in local Pakistani shops, what is added, how cola color is put in them and the whole unhygienic atmosphere at the back.

Let us look at the tweet.

The tweet said, “WARNING ppl should stop buying in Pakistan‘s shops…especially cold drinks..”

Furthermore, Punjab Food Authority (PFA) recently raided energy drinks shops in different areas of Lahore and declared that huge quantity of them are ‘unsafe’ for consumption.

Rafia Haider Director of Operations PFA headed the team. She and her team checked the quality of energy drinks that are sold to the people residing in different areas of Lahore. More than 9000 energy drinks had more caffeine than the set limit. Those drinks were taken by the PFA team and removed from the shops.

Energy drinks manufacturers have been issued a notice to print the drink label in the Urdu language. She affirmed that the health of the citizens should be the utmost priority and no compromise can be made on it.

Also, citizens were asked to co-operate in this matter so that it is ensured that unhygienic and unhealthy food and drinks are not sold in our society. After all the well-being of our society is dependent upon health. If we are selling unhygienic, chemical-filled drinks, it’s not just a crime, we are in short playing with the health and lives of our people.

After this many people tweeted that soft drinks should be banned in Pakistan.

Like this

“I think the all soft-drinks are dangerous to self and health! All soft-drinks should be banned in . the most special to be banned in my list .”