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Waqar Zaka to Launch Tehreek-e-Tech for Paying Debts of Pakistan

Waqar Zaka

Waqar Zaka intends to launch an ambitious movement—Tehreek-e-Tech for paying the debts of Pakistan.

Waqar Zaka is no new name for all of us. He is a person who has worn almost every hat. He is a social worker cum TV show host cum social media star. He is by education an engineering graduate and if he gets success in his most recent project then he would have another credential added to his portfolio of being the brain behind the first cryptocurrency of Pakistan.

On a morning show while talking with the host he said that since he is an engineering student of NED University, he has come to realize that technology is the only option for paying back the debts of Pakistan.

The movement which Zaka intends to launch has got 3 aims, the first of them is to launch Pakistan’s first cryptocurrency.

He said that if the Prime Minister introduces the country’s own cryptocurrency, then the country would be able to get the foreign investment from across the world to pay the debts of Pakistan.

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He further said that for the movement he has got a team from NED, NUST and some other universities who would be launching the cryptocurrency without any charges and that too without any investment.

The second aim of Waqar Zaka’s drive is kind of unclear—he intends to revolutionise the madrassas of Pakistan.

He said that the mafia of schools in Pakistan only teaches the old ways of earning to the youth. He added that his agenda is to target the madrasas to bring a change in them with science and technological education.

Waqar Zaka further added that he would be making an appeal to the religious clerics for passing a fatwa in which he would ask them to make science and technology education a must at all the madrassas.

He said that for educating the students they would conduct Skype sessions with the Madrassas’ students.

The third agenda of the Tehreek-e-Tech is to fix the Pakistan Space Programme.

He said that his source of inspiration was his trip to Syria and Burma.

He said that as a reporter and journalist his job is not just to record the issue but also to assist people, this has given him the inspiration of helping his motherland.

He is hopeful that his movement could collect $4billion in the span of 6months. He claimed that if it fails to do so then he would never come again on any television screen.

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