Want TikTok to pay you more? Post long videos


The media platform TikTok is well-known for its short-form videos. Given the dominance of TikTok among media apps, several media companies have diversified their strategies. For instance, YouTube the video-sharing platform well-known for long-form videos introduced the YouTube Shorts feature. But it now seems like TikTok is going to evolve further.

A recent piece of information suggests that the company has introduced a new monetization program. As per this program, the longer videos will receive more incentives. Switching from under a minute video content to long videos. sounds interesting.

TikTok is basically a ByteDance-owned app. The major reason behind the popularity of TikTok is the short-form videos. Now the company wants that users should post long videos. as per a recent report from 9to5Mac, the company has brought forward a new monetization platform.

Through this new monetization program, the users will receive more incentives. Well, the incentives depend on the quality of the content. As per the guidelines, the videos must be longer than one minute. Only then they will be considered eligible for the new monetization program.

Well, this is certainly something out of the way. Since most videos shared on the platform are tiny pieces from the user’s life. They are based on jokes, sync-ups, dances, rants, moral lessons, etc. Most of such content is a video of a few seconds. With the onset of the new program, we can anticipate things to change. Since the content creators will be interested in the new incentive program. Where the company has already permitted the duration of video posts as long as ten minutes.

TikTok has changed the overall scenario. It remains to be seen how things turn out in the future. With the introduction of long-form videos, TikTok can be considered an alternative to YouTube.