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Wakeup Ufone: Major operators in China and Taiwan Shutting down 3G

With the advent of newer technologies, Telecom and Tech industry is always moving forward, it was not a long ago when we jumped to 4G from 3G mobile connectivity and now many providers around the world have started 5G networks.

However, there is still a time to get 5G everywhere but Chinese and Taiwanese the advent decided to shut down their 3G networks with the beginning of the New Year according to local news reports.

the advent as Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Big Brother and FarEasTone Telecom have repeatedly intimated users to upgrade from 3G to 4G networks because there are roughly 200,000 users still use 3G connectivity.

The AsiaPacific Telecom turned off its 3G service already in 2017,and now the other operators in the region have to follow. The 2G network was completely shut down in Taiwan in the beginning of July, 2017.

The 3G licenses for operators including Taiwan Big Brother, Far EasTone, Chunghwa Telecom and Taiwan Star are going to expire on 31 December 2018. The companies are not likely to renew their 3G licenses because of 4G and now 5G developments.

the telecom regulator in Taiwan has estimated that before shutting down the 3G moving forward than 100,000 users are likely to upgrade to 4G leaving less than 100,000 users behind that may not upgrade.

In Pakistan there is one “odd man out” which still offers 2G/3G internet connection to its 21 million subscribers according to PTA. Ufone has the second largest network in Pakistan in terms of mobile subscriptions, the company is not even bothered to offer 4G services to its users. It’s been three years Ufone subscribers are asking the company “When You Will Launch 4G LTE Internet” got still no satisfactory answer.

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