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Wagon R declared the most fuel-efficient car in Pakistan

The auto industry in Pakistan is growing. Even though Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki dominate the auto market of Pakistan, new companies are coming in and are ready to invest to provide diversity, options, and convenience to the people.

PakWheels.com conducted a survey to know which car is the most fuel-efficient in Pakistan and is easily maintainable. Wagon R was declared by the people of Pakistan as the most fuel-efficient car among the locally produced vehicles in Pakistan. In the imported category people voted for Toyota Aqua as the most fuel-efficient car in the country.

In the survey, 19,155 respondents responded from all over Pakistan. From Punjab, Sindh, Islamabad, KPK, Balochistan, and Gilgit Baltistan the respondents were 54%, 27%, 12%,6%, 1%, and 0.10% respectively.

Wagon R has become quite a popular Suzuki Vehicle. As per the statistics from Jan 2018 to May 2018 Pak Suzuki has sold 12,395 Wagon R units, which is amazing. People prefer Wagon R over other cars because it is affordable, fuel efficient, it has less maintenance cost, easy availability of spare parts, no tough competition in the category, good resale value etc.

It was in 2014 that Pak Suzuki introduced Wagon R. In Pakistan it is offered in two variants that are VXR the basic variant and VXL the premium variant. VXL has some extra features like immobilizer, central locking, electric windows etc.

To all the auto fans in Pakistan, another exciting news we revealed earlier is that United Autos yet to be released car United Bravo was seen on Pakistani roads for the first time. United Autos is testing whether the car is feasible on the roads or not before it is actually launched nationwide. So keep your fingers crossed as it seems that the next most affordable car in Pakstan is launching very soon.

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