Volkswagen to Use 3D Printers for Mass Production of Parts

3D printers for mass production

Volkswagen would be using 3D printers for mass production of parts. The world’s largest carmaker has found a new innovative way of making use of the 3D printer.

Volkswagen revealed about its plans on Tuesday about starting to use the HP metal printing technology for manufacturing selected parts which include gear knobs and customized tailgate lettering.

The company unveiled its plans that it wants to mass produce its structural parts via making use of the technology within the span of two to three years.

Martin Goede—the Volkswagen’s Head of Technology Planning and Development said that the complete automobile would probably not be made by a 3D printer in near time, however, the number and size of the parts manufactured using the technology would increase significantly.

3D printing is not something new when it comes to the auto manufacturing industry, however, the technology so far has been used only for prototypes and individual parts. A typical Volkswagen is made using up to eight thousand parts.

Goede said that a big benefit of using the 3D printing is that it permits the firm to produce many of these parts without the need of making any manufacturing tools.

Volkswagen has already got ninety 3D printers available in its plant, which are used for the making of replacements of rare components.

However, the carmaker said that the new technology would permit for even “highly stressed” components like pistons to be printed. The printer throws layer upon layer of materials until the entire material is baked into a single unit.

HP said that its new metal printing service would not just be limited to car parts.

Dion Weisler—the CEO of HP said in a statement that the impact of using this technology is extensive, the industrial, medical and auto sectors alone produces billions of metal components per year.

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