Volcano eruption halted some of the flights—Indonesia shuts Bali Airport – Research Snipers

Volcano eruption halted some of the flights—Indonesia shuts Bali Airport

Bali airport Indonesia was operating normally but some airlines canceled their flights to and from the Island famous for its beaches and temples.

According to Reuters, “The eruption from the Mount Agung today has impacted many of our flights to and from Bali”, a budget airline Air Asia said in a statement, the airline has either canceled or rescheduled at least 27 flights.

Airlines such as Jetstar and Virgin Australia have also canceled their flights according to some media reports, hundreds of passengers are affected by this incident.

According to NDTV, Indonesia shuts down its Mali airport after the Mount Agung becomes active again, the mount has started erupting tonnes of volcano and smoke which makes it difficult for the movement of planes from that area.

Telegraph also confirms that Bali has shut down the airport because no flight operations can be conducted until the eruption settles down.

The Mount Aging is an active volcanic mountain in northwest Bali, the mountain has been raging since last year. In December, last year the volcanic eruptions, however, minor resulted in airport closure.

Airlines do not take the risk going through volcanic ash and smoke as it can seriously damage the aircraft engines, clog fuel and cooling systems and most of all hinder visibility which could result in an unfortunate incident.

Since the airport is closed, hundred thousands of passengers are affected that were coming to or going from the Mali airport.