Voice interactions are now free for all users on ChatGPT

The CEO of OpenAI was fired and then called back. In between these, we heard that Sam Altman was also appointed by Microsoft. In between all this, there is another piece of information for ChatGPT users. According to some recent pieces of information, ChatGPT is giving access to a new feature to all its users. Previously, the feature was only accessible to paying users. Reportedly, all users of the ChatGPT app can now engage in voice-based chats with the AI.

In simple words, users can now ask questions to the chatbot verbally instead of typing in the text field. The speech will be converted into text by the chatbot. Interestingly, the text-based response will be converted into audible words when it responds to you in a robotic voice. Consider it similar to speaking with Alexa or the Google Assistant.

How to access the new feature?

In order to use the voice chat feature on ChatGPT on the mobile app, go to Settings and click on New Features. Tap on the option indicating voice conversations. Now click on the headphone button that can be found in the top-right corner of the screen. Users can select their preferred voice from five different voices.

On November 21, ChatGPT became unavailable to users globally. The company has committed to providing a public analysis of the incident and strategies to prevent a recurrence of the same kind in the future.

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