Vodafone To Remove Huawei From Its Core Networks

Vodafone has decided to remove Huawei from its core networks, the company will restrict Chinese manufacturer and its equipment away from its core mobile networks in Europe.

Vodafone the world’s second-largest mobile carrier made the decision after the UK announced to restrict Huawei from the core 5G role. The UK government made the decision on January 28 to restrict Huawei in core 5G networks while using their equipment in other parts. It was reported earlier that UK is likely to make this type of decision despite U.S. pressure.

However, the U.S. has been on fire after Britain’s decision to work with Huawei on certain conditions, but The Guardian reported that row between the UK and U.S. regarding Huawei’s decision would be averted as Britain has blocked Huawei from core 5G parts.

Vodafone’s Chief Executive Nick Read while talking to reporters said on Wednesday, “We have now decided as of result of the EU toolbox and the UK government’s decision to take out Huawei from the core.”

This will take around five years to implement at a cost of approximately 200 million euros,” he added.U.S. has been coarsening the United Kingdom and Prime Minister Boris Johnson for taking soft stance on the Chinese manufacturer, Foreign Policy explicitly termed it as “Selling the National Security to Huawei”.