Vodafone shuts down RCS in the UK

During the timeframe of March 15 to March 31, 2023, Vodafone is going to shut down its RCS messaging support. The company announced that users in the UK will no longer be able to use Vodafone’s RCS messaging support. Some users reported that the company has informed the users via a message that indicates that soon the RCS message support will be pulled over.

This change indicates that users will no longer be able to enjoy the RCS feature provided by the carrier. However, the consumers will receive MMS packages as a courtesy to their accounts for almost two months to escape additional charges.

Vodafone and Google signed a deal that was unveiled back in February 2023. The pulling over of RCS support is part of this agreement between the two companies. As part of the deal, Vodafone has to take up Google’s implementation of RCS. Vodafone has described how customers would be impacted by the RCS shutdown on the support page. In addition to this, the company states that no user needs to stop using the service.

In order to use the RCS feature, users must install the Google Messages app. After installing the app, set the app as the default messaging app. Followed by this, the RCS feature will be activated within 72 hours. Users will be notified regarding the activation via a pop-up menu. To use the RCs features, users must accept the terms and conditions of Google’s RCS implementation.