Vivo Port-less Apex 2019 Concept Phone Displayed

Vivo displayed its new port-less Apex 2019 concept phone. It would be equipped with 5G connectivity and a fingerprint sensor that would cover almost the complete screen. The phone was displayed in an event in Hong Kong. Earlier it was said that the phone would be shown at Mobile World Congress but it got delayed.

The body of the phone is shaped out of a single piece of glass. Vivo has stressed that this was something extremely difficult to materialize. In order to simulate the volume and sleep buttons, it uses a combination of capacitive and pressure sensors.

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For charging and data transfer it uses proprietary magnetic connector. In place of speaker, the screen itself vibrates. The fingerprint sensor can be used with multiple fingers that are place anywhere on the phone front.

The unibody design of the phone is undoubtedly attractive.

Now in the Mobile World Congress we were introduced with foldable phones. The thinking went that, “Finally we can be free of the boring and conventional phone form factor!” But now here is Vivo Apex 2019, a phone that offers “futuristic simplicity’.

Vivo product manager Ding Guanli said, “All user interactions are centered around the display alone.” The phone is subtly amazing and obviously its most prominent feature is that it has no ports, no buttons which is somehow interesting.