Vivo and Transsion are working on a slidable phone with a rollable display

In accordance with a new report from TheElec, a new smartphone with a slidable form factor and a rollable display might be in the works. Reportedly, Vivo and Transsion are working on this concept. The smartphone might arrive by the end of 2024. Transsion is the parent company of Itel, Infinix, and Tecno. The report includes several references that point out that the two companies might come up with the world’s first slidable phone with rollable displays.

Well, it might be just an effort to level up the competition and revolutionize the smartphone industry. It seems like Chinese companies are aiming to target technology beyond foldable smartphones. Undoubtedly, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 are the best offerings in the foldable smartphone market. However, the Chinese competitors are not lagging behind. Chinese companies have come forward with extremely thin foldable smartphones. As of now, they are aiming to introduce slidable phones with rollable displays to the market.

The rollable screens might be sourced from Samsung Display

In September 2022, Transsion featured the concept of a phone with a slidable form factor and a rollable display that was named Transsion Phantom Ultimate. It features a display designed by CSOT. TheElec report claims that the rollable displays might be purchased from CSOT. On the other hand, Vivo is in talks with both CSOT and Samsung Display concerning the rollable screens for its future slider phone.

Samsung might introduce a slider phone with a rollable display in 2025

As the name suggests, rollable displays are not presented with the crease issue that is quite common with foldable screens. It might be the prime reason that could contribute to the popularity of rollable smartphones. Furthermore, a rollable screen can account for a large screen in a small footprint, which will eventually unlock several possibilities. Samsung has already shown off a rollable display panel, and in 2025 it’s anticipated to release a phone with one.

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