Visas will not be issued to North Koreans

According to media reports, the federal government has restricted Pakistani Missions from issuing visas to the North Koreans.

Sources in the Foreign Ministry were cited as saying that the government has ordered to restrict visas to North Koreans. This decision has been taken following the rumors regarding Chinese companies working on CPEC projects employing North Koreans.

The Pakistani government was also asked by the US Embassy to take against the recruiting of North Koreans for CPEC Projects.  

Ministry of Foreign Affairs official was quoted saying that the issue is quite sensitive. It can be exploited against Pakistan for violation of UNSC sanctions on North Korea.

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The Interior Ministry has also made the confirmation that the government has banned visa issuance to North Koreans.

“UNSC Resolution 2375 (2017) and subsequent SRO 1221(1)/2017 (November 21, 2017) promulgated by the Government of Pakistan places a ban on issuing work authorities/visa to all Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) nationals except for which written contracts had been finalized prior to September 11, 2017.”

Also, the Lower House was informed that all UN members are obliged to deport all the DPRK residents by December 2019.

The ministry also informed the assembly that under the UNSC Resolution 2375, Pakistan has compiled a report regarding submission with the resolution.

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