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Visa-Free Entry in China for One Month

As per Chinese immigration authorities, the smallest province of China, Hainan will permit foreigners from 59 nations to stay there for one month without any visa.

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The State Immigration Administration confirmed that tourists from 59 nations including those from Russia, Britain, France, Germany, and the US can live and explore the beauty of Hainan for one month without any tension of a visa. This new policy is applicable from May 1st. The condition for this is that it is important that the tourists book their tour via travel agencies.

Since 2000 Hainan has been offering 15 days visa-free entry for 21 nationals. In 2010 five more countries were added and now people from 59 countries can enjoy & visit Hainan visa-free.

Administration’s vice head Qu Yunhai said,  “By extending the policy to individuals and the stay to up to 30 days, the government aims to attract more international tourists, nurture the tourism industry and meet the needs of foreign individuals.”

This announcement has come one week after the Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Hainan and took part in ‘BOAO Forum for Asia and supervise military drills in the South China Sea’. After this visit, the government of China announced their plans to change Hainan island into a free trade zone housing big international companies.

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In the past, Hainan province of China was completely dependent on fishing and agriculture for survival. Today it is a major tourist destination. The province has developed and grown for the better.

Overall China is the fourth biggest tourist destination in the world. The first three are Spain, France, and the USA. China wants to attract more tourists through its visa-free policy.