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Visa Card Network Outage: Visa resolves the network failure in the UK and Europe

Users in the United Kingdom and various parts of Europe were having problems paying for their purchases using visa cards for several hours since yesterday. Bloomberg today had spotted it first, It seems visa was experiencing network failure, the company said it was investigating the issue, also informing customers by a tweet that the system is experiencing problems in Europe.

However, in some places visa cards were working fine, it was the internal error which cannot tell exactly which visa cards were affected and where they didn’t work. Several banks including Royal Bank of Scotland and Bank of Ireland had issued statements following the network issue and advising customers to use alternative payment methods such as MasterCard and Cash through ATM which will still work.

Earlier Visa Europe said this in a tweet.


Guardian said, some supermarkets were dealing with the issue by providing paper slips to check out customers and some of the retailers were displaying cash only signs. When the user inserts the card into kiosk it sends the signal back to visa, that is where the problem lies, Visa is not able to communicate to the network, Asda explained it to the Guardian. However, the ATM cash withdrawal worked for visa cards because it communicated with the local bank using local system.

The users who had only visa cards as their payment options were having severe difficulties dealing with the situation with long queues and hassling cash withdrawals.

Earlier today Visa Europe has announced on Twitter that they have resolved the issue, visa card holders can continue their purchases any time anywhere in the world. Visa also apologized to consumers.