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Virtual Driving School in Islamabad to Train Beginners without Going on Roads

With the progression of artificial technology globally, Pakistan is also advancing forward. Recently, the traffic police department has launched a virtual driving training institute.

The traffic police department of the federal capital is continuously progressing itself with the advancing technology. With the introduced QR-based parking solution and the e-challan system, the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has now introduced a “Virtual Driving Training Institute” in the city for helping the beginners to drive in a eal-life situation made by the 3D technology.

As per sources, the virtual driving training simulators would be creating real-life scenarios which includes jammed traffic roads, traffic hazards and other such situations to properly train the new learners or drivers before they could drive on roads.

According to reports, the Islamabad Traffic Police has already installed ten virtual driving training simulators in Faizabad.

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The simulator is provided with a seat, brake, steering wheel, accelerator, clutch pedals and few other needed equipment—thus completely copying a real vehicle.

There are three screens provided in front of the set up for projecting the digitally generated driving scenario.

Moreover, Sultan Azam Taimuri—IG Islamabad Police has himself checked the driving simulators.

While practising the learners would also be supervised by the Islamabad Traffic Police officials. This step would be beneficial for the beginners who are afraid of driving on roads.

Driving in Pakistan is not a piece of cake especially when there are so many cars these days on roads, along with motorbikes, rickshaws, trucks, donkey carts, buses and cycles. In these circumstances the driver needs to be extra alert while driving on roads. Keeping this in mind the launch of a virtual driving school for the newbies is a blessing.

Learning to drive on a virtual machine that is closely like the real-life conditions is exciting yet challenging. But at least it gives this much peace to the heart and mind of the new to-be driver that the learning process is risk free both for the driver and the fellow travellers on roads.

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