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Video of Robbery in Bahria Town Rawalpindi

In Pakistan, people living in Bahria Town are considered blessed. With no electricity issues, water issues, a luxurious lifestyle, international standard houses & apartments, less traffic, Bahria Town is an ideal place for living in Pakistan. But ever-increasing robbery cases in Bahria Town is quite alarming. We keep hearing about robbers who broke into a house in Bahria Town and took money, jewelry and other important expensive house items with them.

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As adequate measures were not taken to stop those robberies, the robbers are getting more daring. An incident occurred in Bahria Town Rawalpindi, Phase 4 where two armed robbers took money from a cash drawer. The security was alerted thus they stopped the robbers on their way back. But the robber shot at Bahria guard and got him injured.

“A daring Robbery at Tuck shop of PSO station of #BahriaTown phase 4 #Rawalpindi 2 Armd men on motorbike came, looted the money from cash drawer, and vanished. Security was alerted and they contested Robbers.

“On their return, injured the security person of Bahria Security by firing straight on security person, however to his luck, bullet hit the lowerlimb. Security at #BahriaTown. An eye opener for those who are living in Bahria Town like me”

This makes us feel that those living in Bahria Town need to stop comparing it to some kind of paradise. There are issues that need to be addressed. From robberies, to accidents Bahria Town has its own faults. The administration, management and concerned departments need to devise a mechanism to make the area securer. Allowing every other biker in the housing estate is just aggravating the issue. This needs to be controlled before its too late.