Vespa is Launching First Electric Scooter in 2018

Vespa introduced first electric scooter, a year ago and now the company is ready to introduce the scooty to the market. This scooty will completely change the concept of scooters.

Price of the scooter is not yet decided. The range of the scooter will be 100 km (62 miles).

Piaggio, the Vespa’s parent company said, “no vehicle in the world is now as in line with zero-emission propulsion as Vespa.”  Elettrica press release said that the scooter is “perfect for city environments.”

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Piaggio also claims that those buying the scooter can expect 10 years of usage out of Vespa Elettrica. After that, the batteries might die. It is warned that after 1,000 charge cycles the scooter will lose 20% of its capacity and only 80% will be left.

It is noted that Vespa is also launching a hybrid version with a gas-powered generator. It is called Elettrica X and it can stretch to around 200 km or 124 miles.

The company will also introduce a Vespa Elettrica app. Users will be able to connect to it through Bluetooth. The scooter will be able to serve messages and take incoming calls. The app will be able to locate the scooter on the map.

Vespa has successfully completed 70 years and it’s a huge achievement. The first scooter was introduced by Vespa in the year 1968. Now in upcoming 2018, the company will launch the electric scooter.

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