Verizon is the latest provider to adapt Google’s RCS protocols

Last year, two of the largest US carriers, AT&T and T-Mobile, merged their RCS solutions with Google’s Jibe platform. RCS communications is the new messaging standard, following SMS. Users can share big files with it. Like on WhatsApp and Telegram, every conversation is end-to-end encrypted. RCS depends on carriers like as SMS, in contrast to online messaging services. Unlike the previous approach, the RCS functionality is extremely safe. Verizon is the latest one to adopt Google’s RCS protocol.

When RCS became available, carriers had the option of using Google’s RCS backend servers known as Jibe or their own infrastructure. Many people initially chose to establish their own platforms, which caused interoperability concerns with RCS. However, the momentum has recently shifted in Google’s favor as carrier support has increased over the previous year. As a result, Google’s RCS standard has grown more cohesive.

Verizon said today that it will begin using the Jibe infrastructure after establishing an agreement with Google. Verizon claims that the change will enable additional features for its consumers, such as read receipts. It also says that switching to Jibe will result in a more secure messaging experience and “allow real interoperability with RCS on other networks.”

Verizon did not specify how long it will take to make the move. However, you can confirm that the switch has been made by visiting Google Messages settings and selecting the RCS chats menu. At the bottom of the page, it will indicate if your RCS is provided by your carrier or Google.

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