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Vegetable Prices Likely to Increase Before Ramazan

vegetable prices

Vegetable prices are likely to increase before Ramazan.

Due to the ban on the import of vegetables from India, along with the low yield of crops, the province of Punjab is likely to experience a shortage of red chillies and lemons in the weeks to come.

Regarding this, the provincial government wrote a letter to the centre in which it suggested a ban on the export of onions for avoiding the potential shortage.

In the meantime, the agricultural department has asked the government not to sell lemons at the government set Fair Price Shops during the holy month owing to major decline in the local production of lemons.

According to sources, a meeting was recently done in Punjab for discussing the matter where the special secretary of agriculture marketing Punjab, Waqar Hussain reviewed the vegetable availability and other essential commodities to assess if there would be shortage during the month of Ramazan which is starting from the month of April.

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The meeting attendees were the authorities from the food, agriculture and industrial departments.

He said that they have revised the availability of the essential items and approximated their demand and supply for the days to come.

Other than lemons and red chillies, the local production of onion is also not sufficient owing to which they have asked the federal government to impose a temporary ban on its exports.

The general secretary of All Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Agents Association Haji Ramzan said that the imposition of ban on the imports of certain agricultural grains from India and the poor local production is likely to cause a shortage of a few essential commodities, especially during the holy month of Ramadan when the demand is very high.

He said that for making sure that the public does not have to tolerate the effects of the shortage in the form of price hikes, the government must take proactive steps for averting any crisis.

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