Vegetable Prices Increase in the Markets of Karachi


On Saturday, reports came out saying that the rates of necessary commodities have increased, especially the prices of vegetables have increased in the markets of the port city Karachi.

As per the details, both in the wholesale and retail market the prices of vegetables have risen up by more than Rs.50.

People are complaining that the tomatoes are being sold at around Rs.100-Rs.120 in the wholesale markets.

Moreover, spinach is being sold at Rs.80 and bitter gourd at Rs.120.

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The retailers have also increased the Cucumber’s rates to eighty rupees, and the ladyfingers are being sold at Rs.120.

The vegetable vendors say that they are forced to sell vegetables at high rates as the rates of vegetables have increased a lot in the wholesale market.

The SPI (Sensitive Price Indicator) took out a weekly inflation report on the 2nd of July according to which, an increase of about 2.29% have been observed.

SPI recorded 132.32 points as compared to 129.36 points which were recorded in the previous week, showed the latest data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

The rates of eighteen items were increased, prices of seven items were decreases and the prices of twenty-six items remained persistent.

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