“Veere Di Wedding” Banned in Pakistan Due to Indecent Content

The Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC) has placed a ban on the upcoming Bollywood film—Veere Di Wedding from getting released in Pakistan. As per schedule, the movie was to release in the country and worldwide on the 1st of June.

As per sources from the censor board, the multi-starrer movie has been banned owing to the vulgar language and inappropriate sexual dialogues in the movie.

All the board members unanimously agreed upon the decision to ban the Kareena Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor starring film. While the film’s distributors have also taken back their application to release the movie in Pakistan after viewing its objectionable content.

The upcoming movie has been directed by Shashanka Ghosh and is produced by Anil Kapoor among other producers.

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Kareen and Sonam would be seen playing the lead roles while the plot of the movie revolves around the friendship bond of four friends who are planning to attend an upcoming wedding.

Alongside Kareena and Sonam, Swara Baskar and Sheikhs Talsamia would also be featuring in the movie.

It is also important to mention that the Sindh Film Censors has cleared the film after cutting a few things here and there, as confirmed by the distributors. However, the CBFC has made the decision to ban the movie and the Punjab Film Censor Board has followed the same decision.

While conversing with local media, a senior official of CBFC stated that Veere De Wedding had been screened earlier, the entire board and all the members were astonished to see such content being displayed in the film.

He further added that the movie is not acceptable in Pakistan’s society owing to its vulgar and sexual dialogues spoken by the four girls and hence the decision to ban it was taken.

The official further confirmed that the Distributors Club has also issued withdrawals of their applications after seeing the criticism from the board members. The film would not be releasing in Pakistan.

A senior member of the Distribution Club said that the board was not aware of the inappropriate substance within the movie and added that the board thinks that the decision of Sindh board was right to cut few things and clear the film, however, he said that they also agree with the ban decision of CBFC.

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