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Vasay Chaudhry Recovers from COVID-19

Vasay Chaudhry

Vasay Chaudhry, the famous actor, director, and host has shared that he has recovered from coronavirus.

He shared with his fans about being infected with the virus on the 8th of June after his test results for the test came out positive. However, he shared that he showed no symptoms and that he has quarantined himself at his home.

He took it to Twitter on Wednesday and wrote that he has recovered from the virus now and that has tested negative for it.

He expressed his gratitude towards all who prayed for his speedy recovery.

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In the meantime, his family thankfully did not contract the virus. Vasay Chaudhry informed all others who he had been in contact with to get themselves tested as well.

Many renowned celebrity figures of Pakistan have contracted the virus including Rubina Ashraf, Rahim Shah, Shahid Afridi, Maheen Shah, and Abrar-ul-Haq.

On the other hand, the famous director Wajahat Rauf also shared about his coronavirus experience on Instagram after he recovered from it. He told all that the virus fell in love with him some 31 days back.

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